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Made Fresh Daily
Market Xpress
Pepperoni Rolls
Always Cold
Market Xpress
Cold Drinks
Fresh and Hot
Market Xpress

Family owned and operated

3 Locations!

Doesn’t matter what direction you are headed, we have you covered with a store near your route. 

Not Gas station food. It's a food place that sells gas!

Fabulous Flavor

Every item on our menu has been tried and tried again.
With you receiving the best possible food in mind.


Why yes, you can order ahead!

Made to order Pizza

A full line of pizza and more!

Seriously, our pizza is not shipped in and premade like many of those “other places”. Ours is made  #MX Fresh daily! 

Weekly Specials

Pizza by the Slice and Pepperoni Rolls Always Ready

Always ready in store for Grab and Go

We get it, sometimes, you just gotta get on the road and your hungry! Worst pickle ever to be in!  So, we always have pizza and pepperoni rolls ready to go at the counter at all of our locations. 

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Hot and Fresh

Made to Order
Burgers and more

Did you know we have a full menu?

With over 50 items and 500 possible combinations, you could eat some different every time!  Click here to go there!

Check out our menu page to view Specials, Burgers,Salads and Other Options


We love free stuff too!

When you see one of these cards at one of our stores, grab it! These cards can be used at every location!